JFA Anarchy Taco Meow Twins Show Demo

by Nightmare Enterprises

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released May 17, 2015

Recorded by Audio Aces
For the Kinda Sorta Music 2015 compilation
(All enterprises of Kitty Empire)


all rights reserved



Nightmare Enterprises Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Creep
I’ve painted a connection between us in my head,
but it’s a fantasy, you’re not my friend
You don’t remember me at all, I’m painted into a corridor wall
We brush paths and you become a part of me, I visit you in my lonely thoughts fondly
We collide again by chance by fate, you’re confused by the gaping smile on my face
I made a connection between us in my head but it’s a fantasy, you’re not my friend
You look away and I die to your eyes once again

I was left behind by the migration wave, found hospitality in a dark silent cave, I didn’t grow parallel, I withered and strayed and in my lonesome grove I remain
My heart undernourished, my hope overgrown, I look down upon you drenched to the bone
After a depressing night I crawl back alone, no one’s waiting for me at home
When you smile at me in the manner of a clone, I have to pretend you’re someone I don’t really know
I continue on and let my ritual regret flow

I try not to think of you more than you do me,
I try not to paint your face into my memory,
My hopes grow so high, my heart begs to be fed,
Your eyes dance past mine,
you are not my friend
Track Name: Dance Of The Savages
Those who stray from the monarch thought
And degress from the civilization so wrought
Gather to celebrate their escape
And in a dead palace, they elate

Where the smoky day’s hardships are unable to reach
Where the silken gloves and eyeglass are unable to creep
Where the swollen and greedy relay dictation no more
The savages meet on the ballroom floor

They assemble to exist in their autonomous factions
Where the roar of the organ dictates their actions
Drowned by societal drudge, they play the sounds of the dead
And by the beat of the drum, their revival is led

Stomp your sorrows like they’re the king’s feast
Swing yourself free from the grip of the king’s teeth
Leap your limitations like they’re the castle wall
Take the night like you’re storming the king’s ball

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